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In Defense of Millennial Whining

“You might not know this just by looking at me, but I’m special. So special, in fact, that I can do anything – anything – I set my mind to. Don’t believe me? Ask any of my teachers or coaches from elementary school. They’ll tell you. Better yet, while you’re hanging around my old stomping grounds, check out the motivational posters plastered to the walls. Not only will you discover how special I am, you might just realize that you, too, can do anything you want. So long as you follow your heart and shoot for the stars and never give up, of course…”


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Can We Have More Cross-Division Fights, Please?

“Forget the holidays. Go Big season has arrived. In the six weeks between Nov. 6 and Dec. 19, there are eight Ultimate Fighting Championship events in five different countries, and almost all of them are stacked with relevant, exciting matchups. On top of that, Bellator MMA has three shows in the same time frame, and the World Series of Fighting will throw in two of its own, as well. That means high-caliber fighting every weekend until Christmas, for an average of one fight card almost every three days…”



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