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Ragin’ With the Best of Them

…Suffice to say, Lee looked like a lock to win the rematch at UFC on Fox 31 on Saturday in Milwaukee. He was on an upward swing and was steadily growing into his peak fighting years. Iaquinta had ups and downs and doldrums between. Lee was busier and more successful against better opposition; Iaquinta’s best win was hard to call a win. Lee looked like a future champion; Iaquinta looked like a future full-time real estate agent.

Yet here we are, the Monday after the fight, pleasantly reminded that “Ragin’ Al” is still a force in the deepest division in the sport. He fought through adversity and definitively took the two championship rounds to cinch his second unanimous decision win over the highly touted Lee. It wasn’t long ago that Iaquinta’s entertainment value began and ended at cussing out the UFC on Twitter. Now, he’s back in the title picture after a gutsy performance.

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