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Spooky Spooky: A Definitive Timeline

“Getting scared taps into something deep within the heart of man. The pure, primal adrenaline of fear is still as powerful a motivator for us as it was for our ancestors struggling for survival on some simian savanna.

Embedded within that fear is a labyrinth of uncertainty, the same mystery of death that also imbues the mystery of life. One mystery threatens us, the other drives us towards a cliff of unanswerable questions. We fear what we don’t — or can’t — know: What is my purpose? What causes things to go bump in the night? Is there a real me? How did this Ouija board get back into my house after I threw it away?

Will my next decision result in a trick, or a treat?

These are tough questions. They lay dormant beneath each Halloween celebration, treacherous waters we navigate only with a compass of willfully distracted ignorance. As luck would have it, there is a light guiding us, a modern day Virgil for our Inferno of existential fear: A.J. Jenkins, singer/songwriter for KidsTV123 and poet laureate of all things spooky…”


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