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Hypercanes, supervolcanoes, and what the Earth’s distant past can teach us about where we are now 6/2

Learning Curve: how teachers are responding to digital instruction 5/7

A former North Korean diplomat was elected to South Korean parliament. Now what? 4/20

What can we learn from pandemics of the past? We asked a historian. 3/17

Embodying goddesses: Taimane reflects on the women who inspired her, and the women she inspires 3/13

92 years of lei: selecting the 2020 Lei Day Court 3/6

Black futures in Hawaii: envisioning a beautiful, equitable horizon for everyone 2/29

Black identity in Hawaii: the conflicting experiences of being Black and local 2/29

The Eddie is more than a surfing competition 2/29

Black music in Hawaii: hip-hop’s Hawaii connection 2/28

Coral reefs in the time of climate change: how we know why they’re dying, and why it matters 2/25

Black music in Hawaii: reggae grows Hawaiian roots 2/24

Black History in Hawaii: visible and invisible Blackness 2/14

Black History in Hawaii: from whaling ships to royal courts 2/6

A word, a plant, a group of people: unpacking “pōpolo” 2/1

Hawaii found to be only partially compliant with federal child abuse laws 1/16

Two years after the false missile alert, should Hawaii be worried about a North Korean attack? 1/13

The Iran-Hawaii connection goes back centuries, and is now more vital than ever 1/8


The other Hawaii fighter at UFC 245 12/12

Can pets and people get each other sick? 12/11

This weekend’s UH-Boise State game pits Destiny against Consistency 12/5

What started as a one-man beach cleanup turned into an impromptu keiki coalition 11/29

As a platform for Hawaii’s artistic talent, Pau Hana Sessions will never be pau hana 11/7

What we talk about when we talk about sharks 11/5

For Waianae residents, Raymond Torii Field is more than beautiful scenery 10/30

Do dogs remember their siblings? 10/15

Today is not Columbus Day: a history of Discoverers’ Day in Hawaii 10/14

This weekend’s Molokaʻi Hoe is a race against the record books 10/11

Kurt Suzuki and Kolten Wong took two different paths to chase the same dream 10/10

Report shows Hawaii is one of three states that allows schools to deny students access to school lunches due to unpaid meal debt 10/2

A short history of #UFCHawaii 9/27

Tulsi Gabbard’s opposition is Kai Kahele’s opportunity 9/25

UH professor embroiled in controversy after criticizing Kamehameha Schools 9/19